Emigrating Beyond Earth

Emigrating Beyond Earth

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Emigrating Beyond Earth puts space colonization into the context of human evolution. Rather than focusing on the technologies and strategies needed to colonize space, the authors examine the human and societal reasons for space colonization. They make space colonization seems like a natural step by demonstrating that if will continue the human species' 4 million-year-old legacy of adaptation to difficult new environments. The authors present many examples from the history of human expansion into new environments, including two amazing tales of human colonization - the prehistoric settlement of the upper Arctic around 5, 000 years ago and the colonization of the Pacific islands around 3, 000 years ago - which show that space exploration is no more about rockets and robots that Arctic exploration was about boating!... have more offspring, and this a#39;pushesa#39; DNA with variations that make for fitness in the present moment into the future. ... selective environment, but evolution cannot look into the future and tailor its DNA for new selective pressures on the horizon. ... Culture, we will show in this book, is the information a group of humans share and pass onto their offspring; it is the instruction manual for how to survive andanbsp;...

Title:Emigrating Beyond Earth
Author:Cameron Smith, Evan T. Davies
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-06-09


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