Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance

Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance

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Economics can be a lens for understanding the behavior of schools, districts, states, and nations in meeting education needs of their populaces, as well as for understanding the individual decisions made by administrators, teachers, and students. Insights from economics help decision makers at the state level understand how to raise and distribute funds for public schools in an equitable manner for both schools and taxpayers. Economics also can assist researchers in analyzing effects of school spending and teacher compensation on student outcomes. And economics can provide important insights into public debates on issues such as whether to offer vouchers for subsidizing student attendance at private schools. This two-volume encyclopedia contains over 300 entries by experts in the field that cover these issues and more. Features: This work of 2 volumes (in both print and electronic formats) contains 300-350 signed entries by significant figures in the field. Entries conclude with cross-references and suggestions for further readings to guide students to in-depth resources. Although organized in A-to-Z fashion, a thematic a€œReadera€™s Guidea€ in the front matter groups related entries by topic. Also in the front matter, a chronology provides students with historical perspective on the development of education economics and finance as a field of study The entire work concludes with a Resources appendix and a comprehensive Index. In the electronic version, the index, Reader's Guide, and cross references combine to provide effective search-and-browse capabilities.Will those who earn a GED credential by passing the 2014 version of the GED exam have better postsecondary and ... of the American Council on Education ( ACE) and is administered exclusively by GED Testing Service LLC under license.

Title:Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Finance
Author:Dominic J. Brewer, Lawrence O. Picus
Publisher:SAGE Publications - 2014-08-25


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