Energy metabolism

Energy metabolism

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Energy metabolism is central to life and altered energy expenditure (EE) is often cited as a central mechanism responsible for development of the obese phenotype. Resting EE, EE of physical activity, cold induced thermogenesis and thermic effect of feeding add to produce total EE but can also affect each other. It is thus very important that each component be well measured. Measuring energy expenditure by indirect calorimetry is extremely simple in theory but the practice if far more difficult. Taking into account temperature in small sized animals, measuring accurately the effect of activity on EE, correcting EE for body size body composition, age sex etca€b add difficulties in producing reliable data. The goal of this Research Topic was to call for the practical experience of main investigators trained to practice calorimetry in order to get their feedback and the way they deal with the various and specific problems of humans and animal calorimetry. The goal is to share the questions/solutions experienced by the contributors to inititate a a€œguide of the good practicesa€ that can be periodically updated and used by all those who are and will be interested in measuring energy metabolism from the 20g mouse to the human and large farm animals.The standardized posture of the subject at rest during baseline measurements was to sit in the car seat with the feet on the foot rest or along ... Frontiers in Physiology | Integrative Physiology July 2013 |Volume 4|Article 155|76 Sarafian et al.

Title:Energy metabolism
Author:Patrick Christian Even
Publisher:Frontiers E-books - 2014-11-03


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