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The Statue of Liberty likeness illustrated on the cover of Enlightenment is a very symbolic image not only for Americans but for many other people of the world who harbor dreams for a€œlife, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.a€ However, there are many individual and collective responsibilities that come with any such vision. Most Americans know orderly governmental systems are required to maintain a civilized culture, but in many societies one often wonders what type is most appropriate. While the western democracy structure has had significant success to date, it is far from perfect even within the United States. The author has spent the past forty years working within national and international governmental systems from the grass roots local level to regional, state, and federal jurisdictions. In this book, he notes the timeless lessons learned from experience and history as well as new and innovative ways to utilize the modern age of information technology. The net result is an effort to create new public excellence from tired work cultures. In the future, it is clear that economic globalization with its associated social and cultural impacts will bring about a new competition between many societies and their related governmental structures. This simple reality means that less efficient future governments will jeopardize the very viability of their own cultures. Therefore, if Americans wish to effectively compete on the coming international level of tomorrow, they must get their collective governmental house in order today. Enlightenment illustrates how a healthy competitive environment can be developed and sustained without jeopardizing any of the freedoms and opportunities we have come to expect.Then, he could add up all the hours of effort for preventive maintenance efforts that were done to prolong the life of the equipment. ... could see the proportion of hourly effort between corrective maintenance and the combined preventive and predictive maintenance. ... tie a cost benefit analysis to overall maintenance and compute the cost for each percentage point difference between the comparisons.

Author:David L. Phillips
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-08-30


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