Essays in International Economics

Essays in International Economics

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A challenging question in international economics today is the high current account imbalances, and the associated trade imbalances. This is of interest both to net importers (e.g. the United States), and to net exporters, which today are predominantly the East and Southeast Asian economies. Are the enormous trade imbalances sustainable? And if there is to be a reversion toward balanced trade, will the unraveling be an abrupt reversal or will it occur gradually? My dissertation addresses these questions from two different perspectives.As the Developed country is assumed to have a deterministic endowment process, all shocks s refer exclusively to shocks to the ... The resolution of uncertainty is represented by an event tree N. Each node st eN summarizes the history through date t. In any given period t there are / possible realizations of the time invariant set S = {s ( 1 ) , . . . , s (J) }, where a period ... in all dates and states, e.g. yAd (s^~l, st) a€” yD \/st G S. The Emerging country faces an increasing endowment process.

Title:Essays in International Economics
Author:Elisabeth Tani Fukui
Publisher:ProQuest - 2008


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