Everyday Physical Science Mysteries

Everyday Physical Science Mysteries

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What can make a ball roll faster? Does the temperature of wood affect the heat of a fire? How can old-fashioned tin can telephones teach today's students about sound and technology? By presenting everyday mysteries like these, this book will motivate your students to carry out hands-on science investigations and actually care about the results. The 21 open-ended mysteries focus exclusively on physical science, including motions, friction, temperature, forces, and sound. The stories come with lists of science concepts to explore, grade-appropriate strategies for using them, and explanations of how the lessons align with national standards. They also relieve you of the tiring work of designing inquiry lessons from scratch.... 12 using with grades 5a€”8, 120a€”121 using with grades Ka€”4, 119a€”120 Humidity: a€œThe Slippery Glass, a€ 221a€”229 Hypothesis ... Keeley, Page, 10, 102, 173, 227 Konicek, Richard D., 18, 99, 102, 121 Kur, Judith, 201 l. ... Ideas, 10 Martin, K., 7 Mass: a€œSt. Bernard Puppy, a€ 165a€”173 Mathematics, ix a€œA Mirror Big Enough, a€ 145a€”153 metric system of ... For more information, go to www.nsta.org/ permissions.

Title:Everyday Physical Science Mysteries
Author:Richard Konicek-Moran
Publisher:NSTA Press - 2013


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