Everyday Surveillance

Everyday Surveillance

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When we think of surveillance in our society, we usually imagine a€œBig Brothera€ scenarios with the government tracking our every move. The actual surveillance of our everyday lives is much more subtle, however, and may be more insidious. William G. Staples shows how our lives are tracked by both public and private organizationsa€”sometimes with our consent, and sometimes withouta€”through our internet use, cell phones, public video cameras, credit cards, license plates, shopping habits, and more. Everyday Surveillance is a provocative exploration of the myriad ways we are watched each day, and how this surveillance shapes our lives. Thoroughly revised, the second edition considers new topics, such as the rise of social media, and updates research throughout. Everyday Surveillance introduces students to concepts of social control and incites classroom discussion about how surveillance impacts the ways we understand people and our lives at home, work, school, or in the community.No, Ita#39;s Parents, a€ New York Times, June 5, 2012, accessed April 20, 2013, ... Foursquare, a€œAbout Foursquare, a€ accessed April 20, 2013, www.foursquare.com/ about. 52. ... Kenneth Laudon and Carol Guercio Traver, E-Commerce 2012, 8th ed.

Title:Everyday Surveillance
Author:William G. Staples
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2013-10-18


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