Evolving Toward Eden: The Divine Promise Restored

Evolving Toward Eden: The Divine Promise Restored

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To revise the collective fate of mankind, we must correct our global vision. Evolving Toward Eden: The Divine Promise Restored offers a blueprint for visionary change that spurs ecological renewal, while inviting like-minded persons to cohabit on pods where the sum of intellects produces untold marvels and unexpected miracles. Telekinetic monitors tap the under-rated reservoir of imagination in the young; as education ceases to follow the script of rote learning while cloning perception. Money and the fiscal hierarchy it engenders are replaced with a system of economics based on time. It's tender is rendered in hours of service! Political elections make use of an ingenious device said to hail from Ancient Egypt's Initiation schools. It discerns which candidates have mastered spiritual responsibility before they are granted office(s). This evocative depiction of an enlightened society rests upon the embrace of an evolutionary plan intended for mankind. Its ideal inspires each person's lifework. A transcendentally guided work, Evolving Toward Eden: The Divine Promise Restored suggests a world worth living for, a second Renaissance. Employing a timely 2020 A.D vision correction restores passion, purpose, and possibility to the human experience. Mankind at last transcends the atavistic impulses that have undermined our shared Eden, as paradise is reborn!They grew it in the rainforest terrarium, and everyone there loves it.a€ a€œShe believes it could prove ... a€œThata#39;s a legitimate attitude; but dona#39;t forget these herbs are derivatives of plants that have been with us a long time. Granted, they were put onanbsp;...

Title:Evolving Toward Eden: The Divine Promise Restored
Author:Sioux Rose
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-02-12


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