Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ (PDF)

Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ (PDF)

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We all have questions regarding Goda€™s paradise in heaven; as Christians, there is nothing more disappointing as spending all your life on earth convinced that you will go to Paradise when you die only to arrive there and hear Jesus say to you, a€œYou are not saved; you are going to hell.a€ There are more than 6, 000 spoken languages in the world but one thing that sets heaven apart from the earth is the fact that there is only one language in Heaven. A good knowledge of the Language of Heaven will prepare you to better understand the Holy Bible, the teachings of Jesus Christ, his parables, and the miracles he performed. This book will introduce you to the Language of Heaven, answer your questions about heaven, prepare you for the struggles of this world, and ultimately help to prepare you for Jesus Christ. When you read this book, you will know without any doubts if indeed you are truly saved and ready to enter Goda€™s paradise in Heaven. This book is Volume One of a€œFace to Face Meetings with Jesus Christa€ trilogy and a must-read for every soul. Felix Wantang has been meeting face-to-face with Jesus Christ since October 1991. Contact him at: ftfmeetingswithjesuschrist@gmail.com.Not only did God rest on the seventh day, but He also commanded us to keep it holy in the manual He gave us called the Holy Bible. ... Trinity is the inseparable unity of the three Godheads a€“ The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Title:Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ (PDF)
Author:Felix Wantang
Publisher:Felix Wantang - 2014-07-21


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