Failed States and Institutional Decay

Failed States and Institutional Decay

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What do we mean by failed states and why is this concept important to study? The qfailed states ? literature is important because it aims to understand how state institutions (or lack thereof) impact conflict, crime, coups, terrorism and economic performance. In spite of this objective, the qfailed state ? literature has not focused enough on how institutions operate in the developing world. This book unpacks the state, by examining the administrative, security, judicial and political institutions separately. By doing so, the book offers a more comprehensive and clear picture of how the state functions or does not function in the developing world, merging the failed state and institutionalist literatures. Rather than merely describing states in crisis, this book explains how and why different types of institutions deteriorate. Moreover, the book illustrates the impact that institutional decay has on political instability and poverty using examples not only from Africa but from all around the world.Recruitment methods should be just as rigorous as in the military.188 Full screenings should be used to recruit candidates. ... The police service does not attract high-quality applicants because the conditions of service are poor and police salaries are low. ... The South African police force is also very weak and ineffective.

Title:Failed States and Institutional Decay
Author:Natasha M. Ezrow, Erica Frantz
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing USA - 2013-07-18


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