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False Flag is a complex story of politics and power, yet ita€™s also the story of the remarkable people of Bridgeview, the a€˜sixteentha€™ town on Cape Cod. How the people of Bridgeview react to a treasonous plot, imposed on their community by conspirators based in Washington D.C., illustrates the strengths and weaknesses and remarkable resilience of average Americans. At first, the quiet, tourist oriented seaside town is the scene of a near drowning, but when the local police prove more astute than expected, everything changes. As the political mystery unfolds, investigators are led inexorably toward an unexpected and at first hardly believable conclusion: that is, rogue government officials are seeking to create, on U.S. soil, an incident that can be used to justify American military retaliation against another nation. To the conspirators, Bridgeview is perfectly located in a world renowned resort area, and it abuts the Mass. Military Reservation, still called Otis. Known as Edwards Army Base in WWII, when it was the jump-off spot for the War in Europe, and as Otis Air Base, a huge Strategic Air Command facility during the Cold War, it is now home to multiple armed services detachments, as well as a€˜special opa€™ training facilities. However, while the massive runways and the central facilities remain well maintained, other areas of the 22, 000 acre base are nearly forgotten, creating a perfect situation for the conspirators to exploit. False Flag reaches deep into Cape Cod history, but also into the Washington beltway, the Pentagon, and various government agencies. In the process the designs and machinations of a powerful group of NeoCon government conspirators is revealed. This shadow group of high officials and military officers is intent on changing American and global politics and establishing permanent power bases for themselves. The people of Bridgeview thwart their plans.He put it on the hood of his cruiser before leaning over to draw a diagram. TheJeep driver leaned over with him, bringing his long right arm up overJeffa#39;s back. ... When he was finished he started the car, put the AC on full blast, closed all the windows, wiped down all the touched surfaces, then hit the automatic locks beforeanbsp;...

Author:V.M. Bradley
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-01-17


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