False Front

False Front

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CALCULATED RISK Intelligence circles are buzzing with increased chatter about an imminent terrorist strike against the United States. Now, new intel points to a Philippine-based organization that has just kidnapped a dozen American missionaries. Hal Brognola calls in Mack Bolan with a threefold mission: capture the terrorist leader and extract more information by any means, free the missionaries, and stop whatever hell is about to be unleashed on innocent Americans. Bolan's got solid support, but the enemy remains elusive, as does the bigger picturea€buntil the Executioner's relentless assault exposes a grand conspiracy as grim as it is all too likely: a mastermind pulling the strings of global terror for profita€bTheExecutioner met Latham between the kidnappersa#39;s parked cars andthe Cherokee.a€œWea#39;ve gotto cleanthis place ... a€œAndwhile youa#39;re there, grab my soundsuppressor offthe ground behind the rear bumper.a€ AstheTexan walked towardtheanbsp;...

Title:False Front
Author:Don Pendleton
Publisher:Gold Eagle - 2014-01-15


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