Fictions of America

Fictions of America

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The Internet has had a huge impact on channels of communication and information, reaching across time and space to connect the world through globalisation. In this Internet-led world, story links to story, windows open on new stories and no overall authority establishes priority. This sense of globalisation has raised many questions for contemporary American Novelists, primarily the usefulness or redundancy of narrative and its potentially adaptive function. What are the right stories for such a broadband world? How do contemporary American novelists respond to issues such as the influence of the multinational corporation and its predecessors, human rights Imperialism, the literary work as a marketable commodity, translation as betrayal, data overload, and the implosion of the virtual into the biosphere? Is globalisation inevitable a€“ or is it a fiction which fiction turns into reality? Fictions of America explores these questions and looks at the ways in which India, China and Africa can be said to have underwritten American culture, how literature has been marketed globally, and how novelists have answered back to power with resistant fictions. Judie Newman examines a wide range of fiction from the mid nineteenth to the twenty-first century including the transnational adoption narrative, short story, historical novel, slave narrative, international bestseller and Western to illustrate her argument. Looking closely at authors such as Bharati Mukherjee, John Updike, Emily Prager, Hannah Crafts, Zora Neale Hurston, David Bradley, Peter HAceg, and Cormac McCarthy, Fictions of America provides a bold response to the crucial questions raised by globalisation.The process of storytelling, the manner and occasion of the storya#39;s delivery, is as significant as the content. Hurston goes to some lengths to underline the nature of the storytelling as a form of gift exchange. When Pheoby offers the gift, Janie is anbsp;...

Title:Fictions of America
Author:Judie Newman, Professor of American Studies Judie Newman
Publisher:Routledge - 2007-12-04


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