Financial Planning for the Not-Yet Millionaire

Financial Planning for the Not-Yet Millionaire

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Financial Planning For The Not-Yet Millionaire focuses your energies on key financial components that will lay the foundation for exponential net worth growth. You can confidently take the offensive in managing your money for yourself, your family, and your company. This is your first step towards making and keeping millions. Below are a few answers that are inside: What is the IRA waiting period between rollovers and the exception? What are 529 plans? What are the tax consequences if you inherit an IRA? When can you convert and reconvert an amount from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA? Can IRA distributions be delivered outside the United States? If you pledge your IRA as security for a loan, is it considered a distribution and be included in your gross income? How do I figure the cost basis when the stocks I'm selling were purchased at various times and at different prices? Do I need to pay taxes on that portion of a stock I gained as a result of a split? Go to for CD's, DVD's, individual consultation and seminars information. We are always hiring and motivating the best financial professionals.movements, and do not personally engage in or direct the purchases or sales. ... Your self-employment income is reported on Form 1040, Schedule C (PDF), Profit or Loss from Business, or on Form 1040, Schedule C-EZ, Net Profit fromanbsp;...

Title:Financial Planning for the Not-Yet Millionaire
Author:Don P. Baker
Publisher:Don Baker - 2007


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