Flexible Power Transmission

Flexible Power Transmission

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The development of power semiconductors with greater ratings and improved characteristics has meant that the power industry has become more willing to develop new converter configurations. These new configurations take advantage of the higher controllability and switching frequencies of the new devices. The next few years will decide which of the proposed technologies will dominate future power transmission systems. Flexible Power Transmission is a comprehensive guide to the high voltage direct current (HVDC) options available, helping the reader to make informed decisions for designing future power transmission systems. The book includes: a full description of the principles and components in existing converter technology, as well as alternative proposals for self-commutating conversion; A review of the state of power semiconductors suited to HVDC transmission and present proposals for multi-level HVDC transmission. a detailed overview of the flexible HVDC methods for improving controllability and increasing power transfer capability in electrical power systems. up-to-date information on thyrisistor-based HVDC technology. coverage of new pulse width modulation (PWM) transmission technology and multi-level voltage source conversion (VSC) and current source conversion (CSC). An excellent reference for professional power engineers, Flexible Power Transmission is also a useful guide for power system researchers as well as lecturers and students in power systems and power electronics disciplines.... which can be achieved by the use of different transformer connections. The most common transformer connections are the star and delta types. A transformer consisting of star-connected primary and secondary windings does notanbsp;...

Title:Flexible Power Transmission
Author:Jos Arrillaga, Y. H. Liu, Neville R. Watson
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2007-09-27


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