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The floor is quite literally the foundation of the room, and, aside from the ceiling, is its single largest surface. This guide tells how to choose and maintain a floor that works both visually and practically. A complete inventory of every type of flooring material available is featured, including brick, stone, tile, concrete, metal, wood (both old and new), rubber, linoleum, vinyl, and textiles of every description. 400 color photos. 75 illustrations.For regular maintenance, dust mop or vacuum to remove loose grit and dirt which can scratch the surface and use a damp ... Strip off the polish occasionally with a recommended stripper and renew. Mop up spills as soon as they occur. Linoleum resists most stains, but solvents such as gasoline, , drycleaning fluid, nail polish and nail polish remover, washing ... To protect the surface, place a piece of carpet underneath the appliance so that it can be pushed or pulled across the floor;anbsp;...

Publisher:Stewart Tabori & Chang - 1997


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