Forensic Radiology

Forensic Radiology

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The scope of applications of forensic radiology includes determination of identity, evaluation of injury and death, use in criminal and civil litigation, in administrative proceedings such as workman's compensation hearings, in medical education, and in research. Until now, there has been no single source of radiologic knowledge for various disciplines to turn to when examining X-rays or other radiologic records as forensic evidence. This is the first book to cover the entire spectrum of radiological applications in forensic science. Discover how forensic radiology can be used to: Identify remains and determine issues such as animal vs. human remains; whether one or more bodies are involved; and the age, sex, and stature of remains Evaluate causes of death and whether it was accidental, homicidal, or self-inflicted Establish evidence in both criminal and non-criminal proceedings Analyze bite marks to identify perpetrators Detect fakes and forgeries in art works Determine whether child, spousal, or geriatric abuse is occurring And much more Copiously illustrated with more than 640 pictures, Forensic Radiology is a visual guide and standard reference not only for radiologists, but for everyone involved in the field of forensics-from anthropologists to trial lawyers. This extremely readable text requires no background of medical training to understand, yet is detailed enough to inform physicians and dentists interested in this specialty field.Dental radiographic technique on resected specimens or jaw fragments is the same as it is for patients a€” with the all-white side of the film packet applied to ... Typical medical x-ray film processors tend to lose the smaller dental films in the rollers. ... operating Figure 6-17 Portable manual x-ray film processor for daylight use.

Title:Forensic Radiology
Author:Michael J. Thali, M.D., B. G. Brogdon, Mark D. Viner
Publisher:CRC Press - 2002-01-01


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