Foundations of new world cultural astronomy

Foundations of new world cultural astronomy

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Gazing into the black skies from the Anasazi observatory at Chimney Rock or the Castillo Pyramid in the Maya ruins of Chichen Itza, a modern visitor might wonder what ancient stargazers looked for in the skies and what they saw. Once considered unresearchable, these questions now drive cultural astronomers who draw on written and unwritten records and a constellation of disciplines. Cultural astronomy has evolved at ferocious speed since its genesis in the 1960s, with seminal essays and powerful rebuttals published in far-flung, specialized journals. Until now, only the most closely involved scholars could follow the intellectual fireworks. In this new reader, Anthony Aveni--one of cultural astronomy's founders and top scholars and a former National Professor of the Year--offers a selection of the essays that built the field, from foundational works to contemporary scholarship. Aveni also serves up incisive commentary, background for the uninitiated, suggested reading, and more.Uncommon Sense shows that he is a polymath, too, with an astounding range of interests and knowledge. ... of the Year a€” serves up incisive commentary, background for dte uninitiated, and suggested reading, questions, and essay topics.

Title:Foundations of new world cultural astronomy
Author:Anthony F. Aveni
Publisher:Univ Pr of Colorado - 2008-09-30


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