Four Approaches to the Book of Psalms

Four Approaches to the Book of Psalms

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Uriel Simon describes the fascinating controversy that raged from the tenth to the twelfth centuries regarding the theological status and literary genre of the Psalms. Saadiah Gaon, who initiated the controversy, claimed that the Psalter was a second Toraha€”the Lorda€™s word to Davida€”and by no means mana€™s prayer to God. Salmon ben Yerucham and Yefet ben Ali insisted on the Karaite view that the Book of Psalms was the prophetic common prayerbook of Israel. Totally opposing both of these concepts, Rabbi Moses Ibn Giqatilah regarded the Psalms as non-prophetic prayers authored by different poets, beginning with David and ending with the captive Levites in the Babylonian exile. Finally, Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra reverted to the belief held by the Talmudic sagesa€”that the Psalms were Israela€™s divinely inspired and most sacred poetry.See his commentary on 16:1; 19:2; 23:1; 25:5; 49:1; 56:1; 73:1 (where the subject of the psalm is compared to that of ... the Song of Songs: a€œMen of science have endeavored to interpret this book in accordance with the secret of the world andanbsp;...

Title:Four Approaches to the Book of Psalms
Author:Uriel Simon
Publisher:SUNY Press - 2012-02-01


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