From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos

From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos

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From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos is the second novel of the True Love Trilogy - a genre-crossing story line that could pass as much for action and romance as it does its noticeably pointed focus in modern science fiction. Continuing things within the SpaceStation Colt series, this second book takes a startling detour for the darkest concerning an interstellar conflict which spans not only the Epic Universe (2009 - ) but its defunct literary predecessor Zero Universe (1987 - 1994) - forever linking the two together. Lieutenant Marileva Dike-Sims returns to sort through the events that were introduced in her own universe while navigating the events which happened to be left unfinished from a universe that she never even knew existed. This eBook is one of those rare literary works which is so self-aware that it becomes a mastery in every sense of its allotted genres by deeply honoring the characters and lending much-deserved closure to the old while propelling the current into their own new, expansive light - credibly. Something To Root For: The intrigue of pro- and antagonistic characters makes them both thoroughly enjoyable; the amount and level of social commentary is staggering; the fiction part of this sequel happens to be almost three times the size of its predecessor while the science part includes stepped up technology to match; and the eloquence of the prose is matched only by the complexity of the story.... a hood, arms snapping to its sides as they reverted into doors, and legs and feet collapsing to retract and flip up inside of the rear as a trunk a€” fully converted into a sterling gray metallic BMW Z4 which had no problem with traction on snow.

Title:From the Depths of Death in the Midst of Chaos
Author:Edmund Alexander Sims
Publisher:Dope Enterprises - 2010-08-29


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