Generation X Professors Speak

Generation X Professors Speak

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While the Baby Boomer generation has consistently commanded widespread attentiona€”both scholarly and populara€”little has been written about Generation X, the 46 million Americans born between the mid-1960s and late 1970s. But with Baby Boomers now moving into retirement, members of Generation X have come to the forefront of American society. Consequently, understanding Generation Xa€”and the potential impact of the independent, sometimes rebellious spirit that characterizes ita€”is critical. In Generation X Professors Speak: Voices from Academia, Elwood Watson has assembled a unique collection of thematically arranged essays by academics that offers insights into the issues, conflicts, and triumphs that epitomize this often overlooked generation. One essayist writes about her determination to achieve her career goals without sacrificing time with her family, while another speaks about being a stay-at-home dad and teaching part-time at a university. Another essay covers disabilities, depression, and mental illness, pointing to the sympathetic approach Gen Xers tend to take toward individuals often marginalized by society. The acceptance of interracial marriage on the part of members of Generation X is engagingly presented by an ivy-league educated white man married to a woman of African descent. And the role religion plays in the lives of Gen Xers is movingly expressed by an essayist whose commitment to his spiritual faith have allowed him to combat racial, social, family, personal, and academic issues. These and the other essays in this collection passionatelya€”and sometime provocativelya€”cover topics ranging from career, class, family life, health, music, and physical disabilities to race, religion, and sexuality. Together, the essays define the characteristics and demonstrate the diversity of Generation X, and will appeal to scholars, students, and others interested in social history, psychology, gender studies, and popular culture.These were the issues that concerned me when I first entered graduate school; they remain the questions that concern me ... see Harold Brodkeya#39;s superb essay a€œReading: The Most Dangerous Gamea€) God wants this, C. S. Lewis argues, and anbsp;...

Title:Generation X Professors Speak
Author:Elwood Watson
Publisher:Scarecrow Press - 2013-03-22


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