Get Slim Stay Slim Naturally

Get Slim Stay Slim Naturally

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Dr. Fran Swainston's herbal formula for slimmers has been used effectively by thousands of overweight people both in South Africa and internationally. In her book, Get Slim, Stay Slim - Naturally she reveals the formula and gives easy-to-follow guidelines to lose weight, including how to make your own personalized weightloss remedy. She also explains that being overweight is not only a result of overeating and underexercising as is generally thought. Get Slim, Stay Slim - Naturally describes a healthy and holistic approach to permanently solving your weight problem, reveals the underlying reasons why we become overweight, and explains how we can use food for its therapeutic as well as nutritive value. Excess weight is a result of certain imbalances and dysfunctions within the body that, if not rectified, will result in regaining weight lost by dieting and exercise. The unique approach to slimming described in this book will help you shed those unwanted kilos - permanently and naturally. At the same time you will detoxify and regulate your body, restoring your heath and slim figure. So start your programme today and transform yourself into a slim, healthy and vibrant human being!The Herbal Guide to Permanent Weight Loss Dr Fran Swainston ... Experts and well-meaning friends tell us that the solution to our weight loss problem is simple a€“ just consume less fat and fewer calories and increase your exercise. Those ofanbsp;...

Title:Get Slim Stay Slim Naturally
Author:Dr Fran Swainston
Publisher:Booktango - 2014-04-25


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