Get Smart! : Study Smarter

Get Smart! : Study Smarter

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Get Smart! Is The New Mantra For Students. With A Systematic, Back-To-The-Basics Approach, The Books In This Series Aim To Help Students Tackle Crucial Subjects In School With Confidence And Enjoyment. Accompanied By Tables, Illustrations And Many Exciting Exercises, The Get Smart! Series Gives Helpful Tips And Sensible Advice So That Students Can Develop Both Creative And Analytical Skills. Get Smart! Study Smarter Is A Unique Guide For Students That Illustrates The Best Methods To Adopt While Doing School Work. It Examines Various Aspects Of Learning And Gives Practical Suggestions On How To: q Manage Your Study Time Better q Understand And Learn Your Lessons Efficiently Using Methods Like Sq3R q Enhance Your Memory With Memory Aids Like Acronyms, Acrostics, Rhymes, Associations q Prepare For Exams And For Those Who Feel That Life Is All About Books And Lessons, Study Smarter Gives Ideas On What To Do To Unwind In The Spare Hours! Filled With Helpful Examples, Study Plans, Timetables And Charts, And Packed With Exciting Trivia, This Book Aims To Help Students Lead A Well Rounded School Life. Age Group Of Target Audience (Puffin): 12+Make xeroxes of this blank template page for the number of working days. ... For the study plan section and the thingsto-do section, you may divide the page into a#39; three sections as shown in the sample page. ... Coffee time 5:30 a.m. Study.

Title:Get Smart! : Study Smarter
Author:Bennett, Anitha
Publisher:Penguin Books India - 2008-12-01


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