Getting a Coding Job For Dummies

Getting a Coding Job For Dummies

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Your friendly guide to getting a job in coding Getting a Coding Job For Dummies explains how a coder works in (or out of) an organization, the key skills any job requires, the basics of the technologies a coding pro will encounter, and how to find formal or informal ways to build your skills. Plus, it paints a picture of the world a coder lives in, outlines how to build a resume to land a coding job, and so much more. Coding is one of the most ina€“demand skills in todaya€²s job market, yet there seems to be an ongoing deficit of candidates qualified to take these jobs. Getting a Coding Job For Dummies provides a road map for students, posta€“grads, career switchers, and anyone else interested in starting a career in coding. Inside this friendly guide, youa€²ll find the steps needed to learn the hard and soft skills of coding and the world of programming at large. Along the way, youa€²ll set a clear career path based on your goals and discover the resources that can best help you build your coding skills to make you a suitable job candidate. Covers the breadth of job opportunities as a coder Includes tips on educational resources for coders and ways to build a positive reputation Shows you how to research potential employers and impress interviewers Offers access to online video, articles, and sample resume templates If youa€²re interested in pursuing a job in coding, but dona€²t know the best way to get there, Getting a Coding Job For Dummies is your compass!The most popular computers in this category are $600 lightweight PCs called ultrabooks and made by Dell, Acer, and Asus, and the $900 MacBook Air. These laptops have higha€resolution screens with sharp contrast and crisp colors, anbsp;...

Title:Getting a Coding Job For Dummies
Author:Nikhil Abraham
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-08-03


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