Getting Ready for College

Getting Ready for College

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This book is great for a middle school student or a high school freshman to start preparing for a higher education. It is very easy reading and very entertaining with true stories from college students who wish they could go back into time to change their attitudes and practices when they were in high school or even back in middle school. The book is an appeal to all students who read it to meet all school expectations in preparation for college even if you are undecided right now. Read what others had to say about not being fully prepared for college. After all, the college students whom you will hear from, did not plan to struggle or fail in college, they failed to plan ahead when they were in middle and high school. This book encourages and gives students the opportunity to set and work towards goals as early as the middle school years. Students can use the book as a reference for some things to do and to think about even if one is not thinking about getting a formal higher education, but will follow some other career path. Parents are going to love having their child to read this book because this book can serve as a point of conversation with parents and high school student. This is a a€œforevera€ book. Five, ten or fifteen years from high school graduation, compare what you wrote in the goals section of the book with whatever actually became of you. Keep in mind that parents and teachers know that children are going to make mistakes as they grow up, but students can avoid not being prepared academically, socially and recreationally if they plan ahead.Working with college students has inspired me to write a guide that will help motivate and prepare 9th graders for college. ... through performances that exhibit the foundational skills of the academic disciplinea€”for example, expository writing, anbsp;...

Title:Getting Ready for College
Author:Dr. Mable Scott
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-10-24


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