Girl Wonder

Girl Wonder

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Did you ever hear the story of the Girl Wonder? Alta Weiss was born to play baseball, simple as that. From the age of two, when she hurls a corncob at a pesky tomcat, folks in her small Ohio town know one thing for sure: She may be a girl, but she's got some arm. When she's seventeen, Alta hears about a semipro team, the Independents. Here's her big chance! But one look at Alta's long skirts tells Coach all he needs to know -- girls can't play baseball! Faster than you can say qstrike out!, q Alta's convinced him to give her a chance. And so with the crowd buzzing and the big game up to her, Alta steps up to the pitcher's mound, determined to prove everybody wrong. Inspired by the life of pioneering female baseball player Alta Weiss, and dramatized by Terry Widener's bold illustrations, Girl Wonder tells the unforgettable story of a true American original.Minor leagues prohibit the signing of women. Little League baseball is opened to girls, following lawsuits. Colorado Silver Bullets, a professional womena#39;s team, is forme d. Active until 1997. Inaugural Womena#39;s World Series held in Toronto, anbsp;...

Title:Girl Wonder
Author:Deborah Hopkinson
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2013-06-11


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