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qMidhat Gazale's qGnomon, q handsomely illustrated by the author, is a splendid introduction to the surprising properties of gnomons, spirals, and their closely related number sequences, especially the famous golden number. Gazale's elegant explorations lead him into fractals and triangular spirals that generate another famous irrational that he calls the 'silver number.' You put down his book with a heightened sense of awe and wonder at the gold and silver of pure geometry and its astonishing applications to the material world.q--Martin Gardner, author of many books, most recently qThe Night Is Largeq and qThe Last Recreations: Hydras, Eggs, and other Mathematical Mystificationsq qqGnomonq entices mathematically inclined readers to embark upon a highly rewarding voyage of discovery. . . . Dr. Gazale explores and explains a myriad of instances in which manifest themselves in nature and human contrivance. Fascinating stuff.q--Arno Penzias, winner of the 1978 Nobel Prize for Physics... 232-33 Thutmosis, 6 tiling of Thue Morse sequence, 221, 223-24 time measurement (ancient Egyptian), 6-7 To Infinity ... 208-9; Kronecker product of matrix and, 224 velocity: angular, 89, 185-86; tangential, 175, 176-77 Venn diagrams, 20, anbsp;...

Author:Midhat J. Gazalé
Publisher:Princeton University Press - 1999


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