God's Mechanics

God's Mechanics

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In God's Mechanics, Brother Guy tells the stories of those who identify with the scientific mindseta€”so-called qtechiesqa€”while practicing religion. A full fledged techie himself, he relates some classic philosophical reflections, his interviews with dozens of fellow techies, and his own personal take on his Catholic beliefs to provide, like a set of qworked out sample problems, q the hard data on the challenges and joys of embracing a life of faith as a techie. And he also gives a roadmap of the traps that can befall an unwary techie believer. With lively prose and wry humor, Brother Guy shows how he not only believes in God but gives religion an honored place alongside science in his life. This book offers an engaging look at howa€”and whya€”scientists and those with technological leanings can hold profound, qunprovableq religious beliefs while working in highly empirical fields. Through his own experience and interviews with other scientists and engineers who profess faith, Brother Guy explores how religious beliefs and practices make sense to those who are deeply rooted in the world of technology.For me, the key passage is on page 149, and I quote it here: The work done by the [Xerox copier repair] technicians I ... The technicians pay more attention to other messages from management which address the goals of service, giving the anbsp;...

Title:God's Mechanics
Author:Guy Consolmagno
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2010-12-03


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