Goronwy and Me

Goronwy and Me

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Goronwy Owen (1723-1769) was a Welsh poet and clergyman who spent the last dozen years of his life in Virginia. As a poet, Owen is still revered in his native land as in his work he revived the ancient bardic meters of Welsh poetry. He lived in obscurity in Virginia, first in Williamsburg where he was the Master of the Grammar School at the College of William and Mary, and then in Brunswick County where he was the rector of St. Andrew's Parish. In Brunswick County, Owen wrote Marwnad Lewys Morys Yswain, widely considered his second greatest poem. Goronwy and Me: A Narrative of Two Lives traces Owen's tempestuous life from his humble beginnings in Wales to his last years in Virginia. Throughout the narrative, Proal Heartwell explores the many intersections between his own life and that of the exiled bard. Goronwy and Me is not a typical biography, but rather a conversation between the author and the reader on the life of a remarkable Welshman.The car, a diesel-powered Vauxhall a€œInsigniaa€ is bigger than we had anticipated, and it later becomes a source of consternation as we navigate the narrow roads of wales. nonetheless, we stow our suitcases in the a€œboota€ and set off on the a55anbsp;...

Title:Goronwy and Me
Author:Proal Heartwell
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2012-09-01


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