Great Expectations (Illustrated And Annotated Edition)

Great Expectations (Illustrated And Annotated Edition)

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This is the illustrated and annotated edition including an extensive biographical essay about the author and his life as well as a wealth of original illustrations. You will also find a detailed introduction (which is not included in other editions) regarding the history of the title and many insights. Dickens's tenth novel, was published in 1861, nine years before his death. As in qDavid Copperfield, q the hero tells his own story from boyhood. Yet in several essential points qGreat Expectationsq is markedly different from qDavid Copperfield, q and from Dickens's other novels. Owing to the simplicity of the plot, and to the small number of characters, it possesses greater unity of design. These characters, each drawn with marvelous distinctness of outline, are subordinated throughout to the central personage qPip, q whose great expectations form the pivot of the narrative. But the element that most clearly distinguishes this novel from the others is the subtle study of the development of character through the influence of environment and circumstance. In the career of Pip, a more careful and natural presentation of personality is made than is usual with Dickens. He is a village boy who longs to be a qgentleman.q His dreams of wealth and opportunity suddenly come true. He is supplied with money, and sent to London to be educated and to prepare for his new station in life. Later he discovers that his unknown benefactor is a convict to whom he had once rendered a service. The convict, returning against the law to England, is recaptured and dies in prison, his fortune being forfeited to the Crown. Pip's great expectations vanish into thin air. qGreat Expectationsq is a delightful novel, rich in humor and free from false pathos. The character of Joe Gargery, simple, tender, quaintly humorous, would alone give imperishable value to the book. Scarcely less well-drawn are Pip's termagant sister, qMrs. Joeq; the sweet and wholesome village girl, Biddy, who becomes Joe's second wife; Uncle Pumblechook, obsequious or insolent as the person he addresses is rich or poor; Pip's friend and chum in London, the dear boy Herbert Pocket; the convict with his wistful love of Pip; bright, imperious Estella: these are of the immortals in fiction.So, I rubbed it off with all possible speed by turning into a street where I saw the great black dome of Saint Paula#39;s ... Justice in his wig and robes, a€”mentioning that awful personage like waxwork, and presently offering him at the reduced price of anbsp;...

Title:Great Expectations (Illustrated And Annotated Edition)
Author:Charles Dickens
Publisher:Jazzybee Verlag - 2014-02-26


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