Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual

Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual

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Design and build customized, professional-quality speakers. From drivers to crossovers and custom enclosures, the possibilities for designing speakers that will provide the best possible performance are endless. Great Sound Stereo Speakers Manual, Second Edition, by David Weems and G.R. Koonce, eliminates much of the guesswork--not to mention the ripping out of parts and trying of alternative values--associated with proper design. More than a normal revision, this edition is virtually a new book, with a solution to an old problem, crossover design. This reader-friendly guide puts equipment-enhancing, computer-aided design techniques at your disposal. You get six complete projects, with lucid illustrated instructions for modifying and testing designs, along with 24 proposed projects. The CD-ROM packaged with the book gives you system design software, crossover network design applications, and files for all project drivers, allowing you to alter a project to fit a different physical arrangement of the drivers, explore driver substitution, perform driver tests, simulate box and network design, or customize the included projects.Reflex speakers are somewhat more vulnerable to infrasonic signals because bass loading is reduced below the port resonance frequency. This allows ... Speakers. In recent years, a large market has developed for good-quality car speakers.

Title:Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual
Author:David Weems, G. Koonce
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2000-06-07


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