Greek Mythology For Beginners

Greek Mythology For Beginners

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Would there be a Western civilization without the Greek myths? Would we be able to define our civilization and ourselves without some reference to the grand, violent, and venal doings of those denizens of Mount Olympus? Greek Mythology For Beginners presents the pantheon a€“ that immortal collection of rogues and heroes, misfits and tyrants - and the stories about these deities and their dealings with the mortals. It delves into their undying influence on our thought and culture, and how each age from Rome to Shakespeare to Freud down to our own Marvel Comics and NASA has been enlightened, informed, and inspired by these tales. So strap on Hermesa€™ winged sandals, saddle-up Pegasus, or even grab the nearest Harpy (remember to keep your eyes closed) and come along for the ride of your life. Leta€™s fly to that world thata€™s as old as Chaosa€”the ancient and refreshingly timely Greek myths!Narcissus was quite takenwith himselfand notoneto pay much attention to those lesser beings thatcouldnot equalhis perfection. Echo was a ... She called Eros to her service and sent himwith an arrow nocked in his bowstring to visit Narcissus.

Title:Greek Mythology For Beginners
Author:Joe Lee
Publisher:Red Wheel/Weiser - 2013-07-30


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