Greenspan's Fraud

Greenspan's Fraud

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For two decades Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has held reign over economic policy, outlasting three presidents. His long tenure has had a profound effect on global economics and on individuals. In this hard-hitting exposAc, international bestselling author Ravi Batra takes sharp aim at Greenspan's policies since he came into power. Greenomics, Batra argues, has extracted trillions of dollars from the American middle class and sharply benefited the rich, while protecting big business. Batra proves that Greenomics has also been responsible for periods of irrational exuberance, and exposes the wild inconsistencies in his social security plans. Greenspan's Fraud explores Greenspan's influences and motivations and the discrepancies between his words and actions, while revealing how his policies have national and global impact.Having seen it vault higher and higher, even the general public becomes infected with greed, and starts diverting the bulk of its savings into the stock market. ... become millionaires and billionaires overnight, but if every one tries to cash out, the stock market will indeed crash. ... If the number of homes doubles, and people no longer live in cramped quarters, that is certainly an improvement in lifestyle.

Title:Greenspan's Fraud
Author:Ravi Batra
Publisher:Macmillan - 2014-12-23


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