Growing Up Psychic, on Ghosts and Visions Vol. One

Growing Up Psychic, on Ghosts and Visions Vol. One

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Growing Up Psychic is a wonderful, inspirational story. It validates feelings of dAcjAn vu and occurrences that happen that we dona€™t speak of in the normal course of the day except to someone dearly trusted. It reminds you that there is more going on in life than the traffic jam, the problems with the kids, or the the cards that need to go out. It reminds that life is magical and continuous. I absolutely loved the book. I was so moved it hurts. I feel like sobbing at the same time alive for reading this story of a girl/woman just like everyone else who cana€™t figure things out and can figure everything out. It also explains a very real question, a€œif shea€™s so psychic, then why cana€™t she win the lottery?a€ Karen L. Young Hawthorn, NJ a€œKate Ellis is one of those uniquely gifted souls who are able to articulate their visions with amazing accuracy. Her perception of the spiritual and psychological worlds is beyond the ordinary. Her acute senses and experiences paint a very vivid picture of the subconscious world we live in. a€œGrowing Up Psychica€ is a perfect example of abilities to transend. Reality with words. Joseph Anthony Psychic Astrologer Phoenix, AZYears earlier she helped me re-make an old camelback Victorianera mohair couch from old blue jeans I had collected over the years in our last apartment. Jill jovially agreed to assist with the interior design of the basement apartment; sheanbsp;...

Title:Growing Up Psychic, on Ghosts and Visions Vol. One
Author:Kate Ellis
Publisher:Kate Ellis - 2006-06-09


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