Handbook of Social Problems

Handbook of Social Problems

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The Handbook of Social Problems: A Comparative International Perspective provides a unique, broadly comparative perspective on the current state of social problems and deviance in a variety of societies around the world. Editor George Ritzer, along with leading U.S. and global sociologists, examines the relationship between social problems and a society's level of development and affluence. The essays in this volume focus on interrelated issues involved in the relationship between social problems and the level of development and affluence. The Handbook explores the theory of the weakness of the stronga€”in other words, strong or wealthy nations may have greater vulnerability to some social problems than less developed or affluent societies. This theory is clearly illustrated in this volume by the aftermath of September 11, 2001depicting the vulnerability of the U.S. to social problems in far-removed corners of the world. In addition, the international and comparative essays in this volume cover other important issues such as the impact of modern technologies on social problems, ecological problems, global inequality, health as a social problem, and much more. The Handbook of Social Problems is a vital resource for sociologists and graduate students, as well as an excellent addition to any academic library.in the area of social problems since Erwin Smigela#39;s (1971) Handbook on the Study of Social Problems. ... For example, in Howard Kaplana#39;s essay in this volume (Chapter 32) on mental illness (interestingly, Kaplan also wrote the essay on thisanbsp;...

Title:Handbook of Social Problems
Author:George Ritzer
Publisher:SAGE Publications - 2003-11-13


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