Handbook on Energy and Climate Change

Handbook on Energy and Climate Change

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A”Some of us have spent our professional lives on energy and climate change but any new researcher or policy maker must find it daunting to even approach the subject. If so, this encyclopedic Handbook provides a wonderful and necessary introduction. It is creative and up to date, yet also takes the reader by the hand and introduces one topic after another while also providing much of the historical context that is so necessary to a deeper understanding.A• A Thomas Sterner, Environmental Defense Fund This timely Handbook reviews many key issues in the economics of energy and climate change, raising new questions and offering solutions that might help to minimize the threat of energy-induced climate change. Constructed around the objectives of displaying some of the best of current thinking in the economics of energy and climate change, this groundbreaking volume brings together many of the worldA•s leading and most innovative minds in the field to cover issues related to: Ay fossil fuel and electricity markets Ay environment-related energy policy Ay international climate agreements Ay carbon mitigation policies Ay low carbon behaviour, growth and governance. Serving as an indispensable guide to one of the fastest growing fields of economics, this invaluable resource will strongly appeal to students, academics and policy makers interested in energy, environmental and climate change issues.Hepburn, Cameron (2006), a#39;Regulating by prices, quantities or both: an update and an overviewa#39;, Oxford Review of Economic ... International Civil Aviation Organization (2009), Update on US Aviation Environmental Research and Development, Committee ... IMF (2010b), a#39;A fair and substantial contribution by the financial sectora#39;, Final Report for the G-20: www.imf. org/external/np/g20/pdf/ 062710b.pdf.

Title:Handbook on Energy and Climate Change
Author:Roger Fouquet
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2013-01-01


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