Hebrew Word Study

Hebrew Word Study

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Many Christians long to study the Word of God in the original Hebrew. They will take Hebrew classes at a college, a synagogue, or online and often become discouraged because these classes either teach them to speak Hebrew or spend considerable time teaching complex rules of grammar when all these Christians want to do is find God's heart and message in His Word. As a result, these Christians usually give up and just go to the back of their Strong's Concordance, a lexicon, or a Bible dictionary to look up a word. This book is written for the Christian who does not want to learn to speak Hebrew or spend long hours trying to understand complex rules of grammar. All they want is to know if there is a deeper meaning to certain Hebrew words. Even after looking up a word in their lexicon, they are still left with a nagging feeling that there must be more. In most cases there is more, and this book will give some guidelines in how to drill down into the very heart, soul, and core of a Hebrew word; it will take you to a world beyond your lexicon, and you do not need a PhD to do it. The only thing you will need is to love the Word of God, and if you love it enough, it will reveal its secrets. Hebrew is a language of the heart, and if you love God enough, He will reveal His heart to you through the ancient Hebrew language.An EEG is a test that measures and records the electrical activity of the brain. ... Certain condition, such as seizures can be seen by the changes in the normal pattern of the braina#39;s activity. ... The computer uses a binary code of 1 and 0.

Title:Hebrew Word Study
Author:Chaim Bentorah
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2014-06-25


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