Hot Mess: Summer in the City

Hot Mess: Summer in the City

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EMMA FREEMAN IS waving buh-bye to her standard summer of stationwagoning around the suburbs. This summer shea€™s heading to the big city. Emmaa€™s totally prepped for days at a fabulous internship and nights of socialite-ing around town. But when youa€™re 17 and not an heiress, reality is far from pink fizzy drinks and red velvet ropes. As the summer heats up, Emma learns that glamour is hard to come by when your only friend is too boy-crazy to hang, your budget is more HaM than DaG, and you spend 8 hours a day working for a man who proves that the devil wears Dockers too. Add one little white lie told to one very hot coworker and a roommate who makes Paris Hilton look junior varsity, and this summer in the city is starting to turn into one hot mess. From the Trade Paperback edition.a€œSorry, my battery is dead, a€ she said, already logging onto Gmail. a€œI cana#39;t find my charger.a€ Um, it was my birthday and that meant I got first ... Rachel slid the MacBook toward me. a€œYou want to see if Brian wrote you anything, dona#39;t you!aquot; a€œ Pffft, no!

Title:Hot Mess: Summer in the City
Author:Julie Kraut, Shallon Lester
Publisher:Delacorte Books for Young Readers - 2008-05-13


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