How to Accept A Church

How to Accept A Church

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The authora€™s purpose for writing this book is to help young ministers who are seeking to pastor their first church. There are many young ministers who dona€™t know the procedures for accepting a church. Therefore, the author has penned those procedures from the Called into the Ministry to the First two years of the Pastorate. There are many books for the young minister that address what to do once the church calls a pastor, but there are very few books that give instructions on what to do in order to acquire a church. This book not only focuses on the young ministers, but also may be helpful for the veteran preachers who have been in the ministry for some period of time never pastoring a church. The author covers eight chapters in this book: I. The Call To The Ministry 1)The pastoral ministry is a calling 2)What is meant by the called II. Pray For Spiritual Guidance 1)The aspiration to pastor 2)Personality acceptance 3)The importance of mentoring III. Submitting A Resume/Philosophy Of Ministry/Be Professional 1)The letter of intention 2)Things to submit to the pastoral search committee 3)Example of a complete (pastora€™s) resume 4)A concept of leadership 5)The visionary/philosophy of ministry statement IV. The Pastoral Interview 1)How to dress/what to do in an interview 2)The two types of interviews 3)The personal application 4)Questions for pastoral search committee V. The Invitation To Preach 1)You have made it pass the interview process 2)What to preach 3)How should you dress 4)Who will accompany you to the church VI. The Pastora€™s Compensation 1)Negotiating the pastora€™s salary VII. The Letter Of Acceptance 1)I will accept the position of pastor 2)Sample letter of acceptance VIII.The First Two Years At Your New Church 1)The honeymoon years 2)The doa€™s and dona€™ts of the new pastor 3)The installation service 4)Sample of a pastoral installation service 5)Can you produce 6)Ministering to the needs of the people 7)The new pastor relating to his board of directors 8)How do you handle troublemakers 9)Preaching that get results 10)The pastor compared to another pastor 11)The days of trouble for the pastor 12)The pastor being an example to his congregation 13)The pastor and funerals 14)The counseling ministry of the pastor 15)The counseling rules for the pastor 16)How to properly resign a church 17)Sample letter of resignation 18)The final rewards for the pastor It is the authora€™s prayer that those who read this book will gain some knowledge about how to accept a church. May the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you! Grace, Love, and Peace, Roy Wade, Sr., D.Min.sample. of. a. Pastoral. Installation. Service. The Installation Service For Pastor John Doe The First Baptist Church Of The New Testament 104 ... Drive New Testament, NC 20300 (The pastor and his wife should be seated at the front of the church facing the visiting pastor.) ... .Visiting Pastor The Invitation To Discipleship .

Title:How to Accept A Church
Author:Roy Wade, Sr.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2004-03-24


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