How to Buy an Electronic Keyboard

How to Buy an Electronic Keyboard

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Choosing an electronic keyboard can be a vexing proposition for someone unfamiliar with the market. There are many manufacturers from around the world, some well known and others less so. Manufacturers like to use different, trademarked names to refer to similar technologies. And keyboards in different product lines of a manufacturer contain a number of common features. It is all a bit of a mess. I have tried to detangle the mess, here. I describe the manufacturersa€™ proprietary technologies using standard engineering terms. I explain the various types of keyboards, their intended uses, and their underlying technologies. I also present the price ranges for the keyboard types. My goal is to give you enough information to gain an understanding of the terms and technologies, so as to enable you to evaluate your needs and to choose the right keyboard. That means this guide must necessarily provide loads more information than the single-page blogs commonly found on the Internet. But I wish not to wedge so much information into this guide that it turns into a reference book. There is already a good many references published, covering a slew of topics ranging from handbooks aimed at performing musicians to textbooks meant for electrical engineering students. Once you understand the basic concepts explained herein, you can delve further into the subject by reading some of those books. Think of this guide as a road map to the keyboard market. I start off with a chapter describing the various types of keyboards, categorised by features and uses. Then, I explain the technologies found in various types of keyboards. I conclude with a presentation of choices available to home musicians, along with some tips on how to select the keyboard that is right for your budget and your contemplated use. This is a guide written by an amateur musician for fellow amateur musicians, who seek a keyboard either for use at home or on stage. In the spirit of fellowship, I made this guide available for free.In the consumer electronic industrya€”computers, cameras, stereos, electronic keyboards, etc.a€”the conventional wisdom suggests buying at the sweet spot, at the knee of the price-performance curve. Let me explain this cryptic statement ... Instead, use the price-performance curve as the guide. And before you pop off to aanbsp;...

Title:How to Buy an Electronic Keyboard
Author:Amen Zwa, Esq.
Publisher:sOnit, Inc. - 2013-03-29


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