How to Make as in Ecollege

How to Make as in Ecollege

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The key to success is knowing how a system works, then putting it to work for you. Becky Brown reveals the secrets of online college success in easy to understand language. Becky has taught more than 3000 classes at UOP, WIU, Axia, Kaplan and AIO. Now she tells all. Learn to choose the right university, check accreditation, and be certain your online school is worth the money. Find out the secret to getting As on all assignments, what to do when your prof isn't doing his job, and whether your degree is really going to result in a promotion or new career. Plus, step-by-step instructions to master the technology, study smart not hard, what to do on the first day of class, make an assignment calendar, research a write papers, talk to your advisor, make friends with your classmates, excel in the dreaded team projects and more. This is the stuff online schools don't want you to know-but you MUST know it! You're paying top dollar for an education; know what you're buying.Dona#39;t assume that your professor is deliberately giving you a zero when you really did turn the assignment in on time, just ask. Ask the way you would want to be asked if you were the professor, and youa#39;ll likely hear back a€œOops! I goofed.

Title:How to Make as in Ecollege
Author:Rebecca Brown - 2007-05


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