How to Pee Standing Up

How to Pee Standing Up

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Stuck with a boss from hell? Trying to escape a bad date? Looking for a way to fix a friendship, or make it through your next family reunion? Believe it or not, the solutions to each of these dilemmas (and many more!) can all be found in this book. You'll also pick up tips on scoring a table for two at the swankiest spots in town, redecorating your place on a shoestring budget, and getting your hands on a super cheap plane fare. You'll even learn how to get out of credit card debt once and for all, how to shake a devastating break-up -- and, of course, how to pee standing up. Packed with loads of advice that every hip chick needs to sail through those sticky situations, How to Pee Standing Up is your must-have guide to life. In fact, we don't know how you've made it this far without it!If the problem affects other tenants, make the landlord aware of it. The advantage of writing a letter is that the landlord is less likely to automatically say, a€œForget it!a€ Plus, youa#39;ve ... Deposit the rent in on escrow account maintained by the court or a mediation service. Tip; Keeping ... This is a less expensive alternative to going to court, since many community mediators are freea€”or almost free. This processanbsp;...

Title:How to Pee Standing Up
Author:Anna Skinner
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2008-06-30


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