I Battled a Giant Otter

I Battled a Giant Otter

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Chainsaws! Pantyhose! Moonshine! Oprah? Opium! A Dead Whale! Air Force One! Manly ElectroluxingT a Brownie, the Adorable Dachshund Grandma Sews the Hangman's Hood 12 Tips for Climbing Cheops Almost Shot by the Secret Service The Black Rubber Dress Smuggling 'Tea' in Arabia Big Cheese TV Guy Eats a Baby Duck Jerry Garcia Forced to Play 'Truckin' Revenge of the Octo-Dog Converter I Hijack the Sunsphere 8 Soul Crushing Job Interviews 6 Airsquid Sex Secrets What Happened When I Glued My Eyes Shut My Wife Killed the Mole Baby a I Laughed Hot 'n' Spicy Hair Dye Sex Did I Mention Oprah? Oose: Your Body's Magic Mystery Stuff Wattle Biting Attack on the USS Devil Dog Secret Shame That Ruins Marriages: Can You Find Your Wife's 'Vestibule'? (I Can) Selling 'The Magic Belt' I Spy on the Mystery Woman of the Sahara! Plus! Your Quicky Guide to the Lacy Brassiere Films of Isabella Rossellini Originally Published in San Francisco as qI Am Satan's Slaveq Zanzibar qBuck Buckq McFate battled a giant otter. He had the strength of 10 men, X-ray eyes, and the fingers of a concert pianist. He had what it took to keep one woman satisfied and coming back for more. McFate lived in exotic Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and New Jersey. Hoping that the deep puncture wounds would start healing soon, he moved to the quiet unspoiled village of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Upon his return to the Congo, he was dismembered, disemboweled and scalped.I am peering into heavily wire ribbed beige hose of an Electrolux vacuum cleaner . It is like looking up ... Thata#39;s what this book is fixing to get at, so yank your belt a notch and hold your water, Mr. All Fired Up To Know It All Now. Ia#39;ll doubledamnanbsp;...

Title:I Battled a Giant Otter
Author:Zanzibar McFate
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-03


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