I'm Free, I'm Free, I'm Free: Now What?

I'm Free, I'm Free, I'm Free: Now What?

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If you've just graduated, or if you haven't--if you're going to advanced school, or if you aren't--if you're setting things in motion to strike out on your own--or if you blew the first or second go at liberty and having your own living space--you're in the right place. If you are serious about rules and guidelines and closets and all the details, go see Martha. If you'd prefer some easy-going, mildly cynical guidance, I'm Free, I'm Free, I'm Free: Now What? is for you. Align the Law of a€˜what goes up must come down' with the Golden Rule. Now add beds, moving, bills, friends, food poisoning, cleaning, toilets, money, rentals, baseline manners, and roommates, and you have a pretty good idea where we're going here. The bottom line of I'm Free, I'm Free, I'm Free: Now What? is to help you become sort-of informed so that you decide, and whatever happens, it's your fault.A Semiserious Guide to Early Housekeeping, or Things You Wouldna#39;t Let Your Family Tell You Janet McCart ... God bless them, because you cana#39;t and shouldna#39;t try to fix it for them. They are happy. Ita#39;s their life. It is helpful to know that there are people out there who love nothing more ... Home: residence, family unit, domestic space, domicile, house, apartment, condo, mobile home, room, box, base camp.

Title:I'm Free, I'm Free, I'm Free: Now What?
Author:Janet McCart
Publisher:Publication Consultants - 2014-09-15


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