In His Grip ... a Walk Through Breast Cancer

In His Grip ... a Walk Through Breast Cancer

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Amya€™s story is a most inspiring one to read for anyone going through lifea€™s struggles - one that will give encouragement whatever one may be dealing with. First and foremost, this is an account of a a€œcancer journey;a€ a journal revealing an absolute faith that God is willing to walk the journey alongside of you, all the way! If you are reading this and you are someone setting out on, or already in the middle of, a similar journey, this is an important read for you! Amya€™s story will certainly not hide any of the rough times; but it will tell you about many positive aspects as well, and how faith is the only way to make the trip. This book is not just for cancer sufferers, but also for anyone experiencing lifea€™s many trials, whatever they may be. Amya€™s raw and emotive style tells it just like it is. You will feel the emotion; shed some tears and certainly draw many smiles. There is little more powerful than hearing this story told literally, while experiencing each and every aspect of the journey along with her. The power is in hearing Goda€™s story, as told through Amy, and thata€™s just what this is. You will be encouraged that ita€™s okay to have roller coaster emotions, to feel anger, to experience joy, to feel spiritually low and equally high; that ita€™s okay to ask a€œwhy me?a€ Amy is one amazing lady who turned what could have been a very negative experience - focusing on feeling sorry for herself - to one that focuses on making an impact on others. For example - Amy refused to wear a wig once she lost her hair so she would not miss opportunities to testify to others who would otherwise not have approached her. Perhaps most compelling is how many people have told Amy that while they should have been supporting her in keeping a positive attitude, she was in fact being the inspiration for them. I know! I was one of those people! I pray for them every day and I know that they do the same for me. It is this, together with God, that will keep us all positive and moving forward, whatever the challenges of life that are thrown our way.You are normally such an energetic person and I know it is so frustrating to feel bad. ... Sara and I watched old home movies tonight and laughed at her first try at riding a scooter and her brothera#39;s antics a€” seems like a long time ago and they have grown up entirely too fast. ... Our guess is the alternator gave up the ghost.

Title:In His Grip ... a Walk Through Breast Cancer
Author:Amy K. Hauser
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2012-09


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