In Transit

In Transit

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A fascinating glimpse of RV culture, IN TRANSIT tells of a woman's struggle to redefine what it means to be at qhomeq with herself in the face of the toughest challenges life has to offer. The 3 years that Lib and her husband spend on the road in a motor home after selling their home are the happiest they have ever known. Widowed at 64 and qhomelessq except for her RV, Lib moves in with her adult children--overwhelmed by an uncertain future. When she finds the strength to return to the campground on Michigan's UP where her world as she knew it came so tragically to an end, it is not just to reclaim her vehicle but her hopes and dreams for independence. She discovers that even in that tiny community along the shores of Lake Michigan, she is not the only one facing transitions and in need of healing. As her personal journey becomes tied to the stories of those around her, Lib learns that she is capable of far more than just survival in the brave new world she is choosing for herself.Paul manned the desk and Arvo, looking like a fish out of water in crisp blue work pants and gray polo shirt, policed the grounds. ... lukewarm fetal-position soak in the tuba€”if you can call it that, a glass of merlot and some down-time with a good book ... a€œIf you change your mind, you know where wea#39;ll bea€”in Arvoa#39;s Airstream.

Title:In Transit
Author:Mary A. Agria - 2008-03


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