Inner Tube

Inner Tube

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After a family tragedy, a man chases consolationa€”or is it oblivion?a€”by traveling through some seedy locales of place and spirit Early on in Hob Brouna€™s second novel, the mother of the unnamed narrator, a failed actress, commits suicide by putting her head through a television. That fact, together with our heroa€™s desire for his ex-girlfrienda€™s older sister, prompts a radical departure as he quits his job cataloging old television shows and sets off on a westward journey. Pursuing solace in unlikely places, he embarks on a string of just-as-unlikely romances, including ones with a motel maid and an archaeology professor. But can anything distract him from the painful emptiness within? In the desert, finally free of society, a self-reckoning awaits. Bracing in its vision, Inner Tube is a fearless and often bitingly funny novel about what happens when our civilized veneers are shed.A Novel Hob Broun. a€œSo I asked myself, what would the atoll man do? And I thought, well, maybe hea#39;d hunt for it ... Posit the sucking action of a whirlpool. Rosing wambles, lacking aim, failing tokeep his noseto the ground.Heisnot tobeurged oranbsp;...

Title:Inner Tube
Author:Hob Broun
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2013-10-29


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