Iridium Complexes in Organic Synthesis

Iridium Complexes in Organic Synthesis

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Figure 6.1 exo-2-(S)-Phenylammoniumnorbornan-(R)-1, 1a€²- binaphthalene-2, 2 a€²-diyl hydrogen phosphate (2) and its solid- ... (reproduced with permission from ACS) for determination of the absolute stereochemistry of the chiral product 1. salt 2 that ... an enriched sample (92% ee) of (a€“)-7 with commercially available, optically pure (R)-(a€“)-1, 1a€²-binaphthyl-2, 2a€²-diyl ... The use of this class of complexes eliminates the problem associated with the liberation of unwanted equivalents ofanbsp;...

Title:Iridium Complexes in Organic Synthesis
Author:Luis A. Oro, Carmen Claver
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008-12-03


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