Irish Terrier

Irish Terrier

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Terrier-breed expert Bardi McLennan unveils the mystery of the Irish Terrier, whose a€œheedless, reckless plucka€ has made him the indisputable a€œdaredevila€ of the dog world. Fiery, protective, friendly, and affectionate, the Irish Terrier possesses an intense personality that is only exceeded by his loyalty to his owner and family. In the history chapter that opens this Comprehensive Ownera€™s Guide, McLennan retells the origins of the terriers of the Emerald Isle, how various terrier types evolved, and how the Irish Terriera€”as a purebred doga€”came to fame and favor among farmers, dog breeders, military personnel, and peasants, especially as a childrena€™s companion. In the chapter on the breeda€™s characteristics, the author offers sound advice for all potential owners of the Irish Terrier. Recognizing the breeda€™s bold and boisterous nature, the Irish Terrier a€œis not a breed for the timid, the weak-willed or those who merely wish to pamper a pet and be pampered in return.a€ Todaya€™s Irish Terriers, though not as a€œrecklessa€ as his forebears, a€œshould not be thought of anything more than assertive. He is not aggressive toward people, but he is a dog who likes who he is and doesna€™t mind letting others know it.a€ New owners will welcome the well-prepared chapter on finding a reputable breeder and selecting a healthy, sound puppy. Chapters on puppy-proofing the home and yard, purchasing the right supplies for the puppy as well as house-training, feeding, and grooming are illustrated with photographs of handsome adults and puppies. In all, there are over 135 full-color photographs in this useful and reliable volume. The authora€™s advice on obedience training will help the reader better mold and train into the most well-mannered dog in the neighborhood. The extensive and lavishly illustrated chapter on healthcare provides up-to-date detailed information on selecting a qualified veterinarian, vaccinations, preventing and dealing with parasites, infectious diseases, and more. Sidebars throughout the text offer helpful hints, covering topics as diverse as historical dogs, breeders, or kennels, toxic plants, first aid, crate training, carsickness, fussy eaters, and parasite control. Fully indexed.A Comprehensive Ownera#39;s Guide Bardi McLennan. but also is as much fun to live with ... Morgan was Finlanda#39;s Number One Irish Terrier in 1999 while living with Jetta Tschokkinen of the Fardarrigh kennels. In Sweden, the Merrymac kennelsanbsp;...

Title:Irish Terrier
Author:Bardi McLennan
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2012-07-10


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