Jamaican Creole Goes Web

Jamaican Creole Goes Web

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Large-scale migration after WWII and the prominence of Jamaican Creole in the media have promoted its use all around the globe. Deterritorialisation has entailed the contact-induced transformation of Jamaican Creole in diaspora communities and its adoption by a€˜crossersa€™. Taking sociolinguistic globalisation yet a step further, this monograph investigates the use of Jamaican Creole in a web discussion forum by combining quantitative and qualitative methodology in a sociolinguistic a€˜third wavea€™ approach. In the absence of standardised orthography, one of the central aims of this study is to document the sociolinguistic styling and grassroots (anti-) standardisation of spelling norms for Jamaican Creole in the web forum as a virtual community of practice. An analysis of individual repertoire portraits demonstrates that conventionalised spelling variants co-occur with basilectal Jamaican Creole morphosyntax in a€˜Cyber-Jamaicana€™ as the digital ethnolinguistic repertoire of the discussion forum. The enregisterment of this ethnolinguistic repertoire is closely tied to staged performance, which establishes the link between a€˜Cyber-Jamaicana€™ and the negotiation of sociolinguistic identity and authenticity via stance-taking.... part of a prepositional verb, so that a thorough comparison of frequencies would require extensive manual editing in order ... a€œStyle and Fashiona€; 2006 Topic: a€œRe: eyelash extensions a€“ the newest thinga€ Mi cuddan swear seh mi ansa [3291]anbsp;...

Title:Jamaican Creole Goes Web
Author:Andrea Moll
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing Company - 2015-07-15


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